If I had a friend who were diagnosed with a chronic disease, I would not blame them for their illness.  But when your chronic disease is so clearly tied to obesity, suddenly it seems self-recrimination knows no bounds. It’s so hard, because if I am being completely, brutally honest, I absolutely judge other people who […]

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Progress…I can feel it…

So I actually stuck to Weight Watchers for one whole day, and apparently the Metformin is starting to work!  I had my first blood sugar reading under 200 in a long time! I also am feeling better already.  Immediately.  Headache is gone.  Skin brightened up.  And most of all, I finally am feeling clear-headed.  No […]

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Felt like crap for a couple hours after I snapped and ate two bowls of bean chili, super sweet cornbread, a bowl of cereal, and a couple cookies.  Good luck, Metformin!  You’ve got your work cut out for you. Also: note that one of the side effects of Metformin is…hrm…gastrointestinal distress.  Sometimes of the rapidly-evacuating […]

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So I’m a diabetic. Now what?

See, I never did go to the doctor much.  I figure if you feel alright why spend the money?  Sure, I see the logic in going to the doctor for other people: preventative care, etc etc.  But for me going to the doctor meant getting lectures about losing weight, getting lectures about exercising more, getting […]

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…so it begins

Tomorrow I officially become a diabetic. I mean, at least, I think that’s how it’ll go down.  I don’t know how long this sort of thing takes.  But tomorrow I finally see the doctor. I’m 34.  I weigh 254 pounds.  I have a 1-year-old son.  I work out regularly. I have been a member of […]

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